And what would you like, Sir?

Well, I would like to road test shiny new cars and then loosely cobble some words together in exchange for some sort of monetary consideration. But alas, I do not have a suitable podium from which to crow about the cavernous luggage area of a Skoda Superb Combi or the immense disappointment that encompassed me on my first drive in the Renault Twingo. I suspect that to acquire such a podium, I will need high readership figures. And seeing as one of the more popular Motorbanter pieces was Convenience Food – this instalment of Motorbanter is in fact, a restaurant review.

In my defence, if you think about that memorable spin when you and one or two others jumped in the car and headed for Roundstone, Enniscrone, Dingle, or where ever your happy place is, that drive is likely to have involved a visit to some restaurant or another. It might have been fish and chips. It might have been three courses. Either way, the best road trips have a nice meal to accompany the scenery and tarmac.

Thursday after Christmas. Galway City. Wandering around turning gift vouchers into clothes. Decided we would get a bite to eat while we are in the city. Tried Caprice. It was busy but after a few minutes we were guided to a table for two. The table was a nice bit of furniture but to win my custom I will also require acknowledgment, a menu, some glimmer of hope that the wheels have been set in motion so as to produce a meal to place on this beautiful table. We gave it ten minutes and left.

There are a few things that I simply despise; public transport, drivers who are looking at their phone instead of the traffic light when it goes green, crocs, and queuing to name a handful. Tried the Cellar. It tends to be reliably good. It was either a queue or we just happened to enter before they started the music for the conga line. Either way, I was getting hangry so it wasn’t for me.

Access to Papa Rich Street Food Kitchen is via a narrow stairway. You emerge into a square room, service counter along one wall, the rest of the walls decorated with bright murals. It was busy but they had a table for us, where we were issued with menus, iced water and informed that they would require the table back for five o’ clock and that it was now 3.40pm. Polite, professional, precise.

According the blurb on their Facebook page: “Papa Rich uses only the freshest ingredients to create Asian street food inspired dishes from ancient family recipes at affordable prices”.

Indeed, they do.

And what would you like, Sir? Spring rolls were crispy and nicely complemented by the homemade chilli sauce. Cantonese style duck with a side of hoi sin sauce and chunky real chips. My main course was Thit Ga Chien Tôm. This was lightly battered chicken, veg, cherry tomatoes and pineapple. The sauce tasted like satay sauce’s more authentic, spicy, peanutty cousin. It was a good combination of flavours.

The menu has plenty on it. There were some tempting soups listed that I would go back again to investigate. Starters are €5. Mains are €10. It is a nice place to sit. They have wine. Service was very good. They do takeaway orders but unlike so many others it is a restaurant first and foremost.

Worth integrating into your next Sunday drive.


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