When you do big mileage each week, you do find yourself eating a lot of convenience food. I’m talking to the truckers, taxi drivers, sales reps and all the others who spend enough time on the road to know where the speed camera van might be, and where the best takeaway coffee is. You’re on the road and you have a deadline – whatever it is. Drop off the package, collect the client from the airport, get your trailer back to the depot for the evening run. Collect little Jimmy from crèche before they put him in the closet with the unclaimed coats.

So you’re in a rush and you need to eat because your stomach is grumbling. The Weetabix from this morning has long been digested and the resultant energy has been spent powering up the right hand side lane on the N17. Need some food. Hopefully tasty, preferably hot, and above all else it must be quick. It must be a dining experience that takes only minutes from the moment you park to the moment you re-join the flow of traffic.

Let’s have a look at the options shall we..

In no particular order;

Carvery lunch. Pros: Speedy and hot. Cons: Relatively expensive and possibly stodgy from the hot hold unit.

Burrito. Pros: Delicious and cheap. Cons: You will burp later on and someone will be sick.

Fast food drive-thru. Pros: Super fast and super cheap. Cons: Instant regret and greasy steering wheel.

Café. Pros: Likely to be fresh food and a healthier option. Cons: Wildly unpredictable waiting time.

Shop. Pros: Fierce quick altogether. Cons: Two Nutrigrain bars and a Lucozade is not a balanced meal.

Now I know the real quick and healthy option is to pack lunch from home but does anybody relish the thought of a plastic box of warm browning fruit and a slab or two of Ryvita multigrain plasterboard? I certainly don’t.

There is a gap in the market for convenient road food that won’t cause you to be all blubbery and dead before 40. Someone should get on that.


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